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    May 15, 2013
    6:00 - 6:31pm PDT  

the san jose county sheriff's department. first of all, we understand that a family member came home to this home around 3:30 and found three people inside stabbed. what can you tell us about the circumstances inside the house? >> that is correct. three people were located stabbed inside the residence. a four-year-old female, who was pronounced dead at the scene. a three-year-old female, who was transported to a local hospital. her condition is unknown. and a one-year-old male, who was pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: now, i know you are looking for a possible family member or he is a family member, a person of interest right now. we know his name is ruben ramirez. what can you tell us about him and what's being done right now to try to find him? >> right now, he's just a person of interest. we know he resided at that residence. right now, we're unable to locate him. he's described as a hispanic male adult, 5-foot-6, 210 pounds, browk
hairs. he does have a history of mental illness. we're asking for the public's assistance, if they know where he's at or where he could be. we would like to talk to him about what happened today. >> reporter: all right. again, two people confirmed dead. one person in the hospital at this stabbing incident in east san jose. obviously the area right now is swarming with sheriff's deputies, looking for ruben ramirez. we will have more information as we get it. reporting live in santa clara county, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. it was a clear retaliation issue. and i think everyone knew it. >> new at 6, san francisco's police chief is accused of targeting the very person who may have cost him his job. a former attorney for the san francisco police department is now suing police chief suhr for wrongful termination. eric rasmussen is live at the hall of justice with the lawsuit that could revive some
old scandals. eric? >> reporter: julie, this 10- page complaint said chief greg suhr broke the law soon after he became chief by firing the internal affairs attorney who had been prosecuting suhr for misconduct. that attorney says it was retaliation. >> congratulations. >> reporter: kelly o'hare said she feared for her job as soon as suhr was sworn in as police chief two years ago. >> i was very worried that he would fire me when he became chief, which he did. >> reporter: at the time, suhr said it was part of a million dollar cost-saving restructuring of the department. but o'hare says it was payback. >> it was a clear retaliation issue. >> reporter: o'hare, a former police officer and prosecutor, was working in sfpd's internal affairs and was handling a disciplinary case against suhr in 2009 involving his failure to make an arrest in a domestic violence case.
it all could have gotten suhr fired. and o'hare says she was threatened. her lawsuit claims an attorney for the police union said she was going to be sorry and that o'hare did not know how this city worked. >> were you ever out to get greg suhr? >> i didn't know the man, didn't know him personally, had no complaints. >> reporter: o'hare's lawyers won't say how much money they're seeking but the city attorney's service says it's ready for a fight. >> i can say that we think that the lawsuit lacks merit. the city attorney is prepared to agressively defend the police department and we're gonna do everything we can to protect taxpayer dollars. >> reporter: no word from chief suhr himself. but late this afternoon, sfpd did send out a statement saying that o'hare was among several let go as part of a cost-saving move. but her attorneys did share with us this city document that
shows she was specifically terminated, or fired, and not simply laid off. more details now on the so- called fajita gate scandal that embroiled suhr when he was a deputy chief. suhr was among nine others indicted in 2003, all stemming from a fight involving two off- duty san francisco police officers. a judge later dismissed criminal conspiracy charges against suhr and four others. a dive team today found the body of nine-year-old mikaela lynch in a muddy creek, not far from the clearlake home where she was last seen playing in the backyard. alex savage is live there tonight. alex? >> reporter: mikaela couldn't swim but she loved the water. this morning, her body was found floating in this creek. devastating news for her family
and this community. the clearlake police chief choked up as he made the announcement this morning. searchers spotted the body of nine-year-old mikaela lynch in the water, just a few doors down from her family's vacation home. >> mikaela's body was discovered not far away from the house where she disappeared from. and it had surfaced under a pontoon boat. >> reporter: mikaela, who was autistic and unable to speak, wandered away from the home on sunday afternoon. the girl was from san francisco. a massive search was launched in this area, with officers in boats and volunteers on land, all hoping to find mikaela alive. >> i was real thankful they found her, for the family. tragic. >> reporter: police say mikaela was left alone for just a couple minutes in a fenced-in area of the yard when she walked off. her death has hit this community hard. >> it was a shock for all of
us. everybody chipped in. even my wife and i went up and down the street and all over this whole area. it was really sad. >> reporter: clearlake police don't suspect foul play was involved in mikaela's disappearance but they will be doing a full death investigation just to make sure. an autopsy will be done on mikaela's body at some point later this week. then she will be released back to her family. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. news of that sad discovery was also shared today with classmates and teachers at mikaela's school in san francisco. ktvu's john is at the school now. john? >> reporter: joy, the elementary school community is in shock and disbelief. this is actually the letter sent home to parents by the school, telling them of the death of nine-year-old mikaela lynch. classes let out at san francisco's sunset elementary school this afternoon with a
dark cloud hanging over the community. >> it's sad. it really is. and you know what? it hits really close to home, because she was a student here at sunset elementary school. >> reporter: the school learned this afternoon that mikaela lynch was found dead today. >> we were all very sad for mikaela to go missing, and we're sad about the news today. >> reporter: kim is the president of the school's parent-teacher association. >> do the kids know her? >> absolutely. our community is very close, and the kids are all very close. >> reporter: sunset has about 400 students, and they received this letter from the principal exchange mikaela's death. it says, quote, this sudden death may be disturbing to you as well as your child. it is for this reason that we want you to know of our care and support. >> there will be a crisis response team at the school to help anyone who has feelings about this news. >> as a parent, i'm a parent of
two myself. and it's just something unimaginable, you know. i can't -- words couldn't even begin to describe how i would feel as a parent. it's scary. >> reporter: although details have yet to be worked out, the staff and parents plan to come together to help mikaela's family in any way they can and to honor the beloved student. today, the family of a five- year-old girl struck and killed in san jose yesterday is speaking out about a relative's bravery. they're also calling for changes on what they say is a very dangerous street. parents volunteered as crossing guards today around parkview school on bluefield drive after the death of aileen quiroz. aileen, her two-year-old sister and her aunt were all hit by the driver of a silver suv yesterday afternoon. >> aileen in the back and the
baby in the front. my sister see the car. she pushed on my little -- on the two girls, pushed. >> the 20-year-old man driving the suv was questioned and released. the aunt remains hospitalized. her family says she doesn't yet know that her niece was killed. a 74-year-old woman was killed in brentwood today when police say she was hit by an impaired driver who had a three- year-old girl in the car with him. the contra costa coroner told us the woman was identified as judy jenson of brentwood. she was crossing grant at o'hare avenue at about 8:15 this morning when she was struck and killed. police say they arrested the 43- year-old driver under suspicion of driving under the influence of meth and vehicular manslaughter. the acting head of the irs has resigned in the growing scandal over an apparent abuse of power but its agents.
the irs admits conservative groups were singled out for scrutiny when filing for tax- exempt status. >> it's unexcusable and americans have a right to be angry about it. >> earlier today, the president said those responsible will be held accountable. about he said the treasury department will put safeguards in place to make sure that such abuses do not happen again. also today, attorney general eric holder said the fbi is investigating potential civil rights violations in the case. a source tells cnn the allegations are focused on two workers at the irs office in cincinnati. the auditor general's report says the irs started targeting tea party groups back in 2010 after the citizens united supreme court decision expanded how organizations can raise money for political purposes. ktvu streamed the president's press conference live today and you can watch breaking news events and all of our ktvu
newscasts live on your computer, your smartphone or your tablet. activists say the demonstration was meant to pressure lawmakers to make sure no one in california falls through the cracks during the implementation of the affordable health care act. organizers say they want to make sure that people who are currently uninsured or illegally in this country are also covered. >> we need to make sure we have access to coverage for everybody. our health care system is stronger if everybody is included. >> an estimated eight million californians are uninsured. demonstrators said today even after the law changes, two to three million people will still lack health insurance. a plan to build 66 new homes in danville has passed
its first hurdle. the town commission recommended approval late last night. the proposal promises to preserve 372 acres for open space as part of the development on mcgee ranch, part of diablo road. the town council still must approve the plan. unusual mayweather in store. -- may weather is in store. unlimited access to millions of songs for only $10 a month. why it won't be available for everyone. but first, holding on to the unclaimed ashes of veterans. what one man plans to finally do with them after 50 years. >> i'm doing this in honor of all of the military folks that aren't given the opportunity. but then you served new johnsonville grillers.
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right now, san jose police are in an all-out manhunt following a triple stabbing that has left a 40-year-old woman and a one-year-old boy dead. a three-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital. ruben ramirez, who lived with the victims, is being called a person of interest in this case. the victims were found in a home on viewmont avenue in east san jose at about 3:30 today. newschopper 2 brought us these pictures at the top of the hour. ktvu's robert handa is on the scene, gathering new information, and he will join us on bay area news at 7 on tv 36. only on 2 tonight, the abandoned remains of veterans, some from as far back as world war i are about to get a final resting place with full military honors. rob roth is live in santa rosa tonight with the man spearheading this long overdue honor.
>> reporter: the ashes of 35 veterans have remained unclaimed here at this santa rosa cemetery, some for generations. but next week, they're scheduled to receive what's been long overdue. in each of these flag-covered boxes are the remains of a veteran, 35 in all. among them are eight who served in world war i. others are from the second world war and vietnam. for decades, the ashes were stored, unclaimed by family or friends. >> some of these folks have been sitting in a niche area for 52 years. >> reporter: until ron collier showed up. >> going out there and finding them is the right thing to do. >> reporter: collier is a retired fire chief from windsor. he began looking at the backgrounds of these forgotten souls from the missing in america project. >> they just kind of went away on their own. they're just kind of out there and finally, when they did pass away, it was determined, you know, that nobody was there to pick up the remains and
therefore they sat. >> reporter: now that the ashes have been determined to be a veteran's, a service is planned for next sunday, complete with a 21-gun salute. those at the mortuary are glad that the ashes were saved all this time. >> by law, we could have scattered them and been done with them. >> glad you didn't. >> we are very glad we didn't. >> reporter: the ashes of two others have been confirmed to be that of wives of veterans and they too will be laid to rest beside their husbands. google is the latest web company to give streaming music a run for its money. google unveiled its music service today. for $10 a month, android users will be able to stream millions of songs.
google's stock closed above $900 a share for the first time. tesla's auto maker is up 8%, after tesla announced that the ceo plans to buy $100 million worth of stock as part of a new offering. tesla's stock is up 150% this year. feeding the hungry in san francisco today was more than just an act of charity. it was also a test of earthquake preparedness. 6,000 people were fed today without the use of electricity. the meals consisted of propane- cooked hotdogs, chile and fruit. the earthquake grill was meant for nonprofits to practice their roles in the event of a major earthquake. >> 72 hours, while the government and state are getting themselves together. it's going to be community organizations who will take the brunt of serving populations
like the population in tenderloin. >> the event was organized by the tenderloin tonguer task force. those involved include the st. anthony foundation, glide, meals on wheels, project open hands and the salvation army. temperatures out there today were pretty warm inland, despite the breezes we had out there. not a lot of fog to speak of. 78 in fairfield. look at what we had outside. fog and low clouds, kind of just minimized at the coast. fast-forward shot. what i'm noticing is up high overhead, those are high cirrus clouds. changes in the forecast as we move through the next 24 hours, and that includes a chance for a slow morning commute. you know how it is. any water on the road, even if it's just a mist.
tomorrow the system wants to come in. you'll notice further cooling. tomorrow, slightly cooler and a chance of a shower. the weekend, it warms up. here's the system. to y, this system being in this position, brought us some gusty winds with 25-, 35-mile- an-hour winds along the coast. tomorrow it enoughs itself up in the north part of the state. snow up around 8,000 feet and a temperature drop with that chance of a shower. here's the computer model. as you go into 7 a.m. tomorrow morning, you see light, scattered showers. that's your morning commute. about 9 a.m., more scattered showers. this will slow you down a bit, so be ready for that. as we go into the afternoon, you see less wet. and then it starts to clear out late in the day on thursday. looks like we've got wet weather headed your way. the forecast high tomorrow, 70
in napa, 70 in fairfield and 64 in richmond. not a very warm day, compared to what we've been seeing. 70 in pittsburg, 71 out in the antioch hour. here's the deal. this type of weather pattern cleans out the air quality, so that's better. and then the pollen sufferers get a little break, so tomorrow's deal is not bad. i think you'll notice, if you're an allergy sufferer, you'll notice a big break. just in time for the weekend, things come back to more spring- like weather. will we get a ton of rain? i wish. i don't think so. but i don't know. but it will be wet in some spaces. >> unusual, like you said. >> yeah. unusual. >> thank you, bill. well, a meet and greet with a message. >> nice to meet you! >> nice to meet you too. >> the promise the new oakland police chief is making in person.
oakland's interim police chief went door to door in the fruitvale district today. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you too. sean whent. >> that's chief sean whent checking in with business
owners and residents. whent said people asked for more bike and foot patrols, something he says will happen when the next police academy graduates this summer. mark is here now. it is do or die time for tonight's warriors. such a disappointing game last night. >> yes, it was. but you get a pretty good feeling when the warriors are at home, they can come through. so nobody around here ready to write them off quite yet. last night certainly did belong to san antonio. they played their best game of the series. certainly that belongs to tony parker, who had 25 points, leading a 109-91 win, the most lopsided in the series so far. today at warriors practice, they're shaking it up. a very resilient team. they took full ownership of last night's off performance. >> we don't make any excuses. they outplayed us, point-blank, bottom line, from top to
bottom. aside from the tough shooting, we didn't feel like we had the energy and the fight we normally have. i guess that was a part of it that kind of left the worst taste in our mouth, so to speak. >> we gotta lot of fight left. this isn't the end. we're excited about having an opportunity to play in game 6. >> 11 turnovers in the second half sure didn't help. meantime, the a's, who are in oakland today, that didn't help either. even playing the texas rangers, a team they've had great success against, not today. nelson cruz off jesse chavez deep. three-run homer, tenth of the year. rangers with a 6-0 lead. then cruz with the bat and then the glove. that's a beautiful catch to rob. the rangers take two out of three in the series. 6-2, the final in oakland this afternoon. and the giants, boy, they certainly aren't used to having their hats handed to them like
they have the last couple of nights. in toronto, they trail 11-1 in the sixth inning. they lost 10-2 last night. >> rough stretch. thanks, mark. a manhunt is underway after a one-year-old boy and a 40- year-old woman were stabbed to death. we're following this breaking news. we'll have the very latest tonight on the 10:00 news. and quickly, a live look in vacaville. we've seen air drops of water. more tonight at 10. got the best of you. and you're not necessarily proud of that. but then you served new johnsonville grillers. gourmet burgers with more flavor than ordinary burgers. and you're definitely proud of that. new grillers, only from johnsonville.
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